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Genius Pipe

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Genius Pipe

The Genius Pipe is a simple yet innovative smoke pipe that offers one of the best and healthiest smoking experiences available in a sleek and attractive package.

This pipe utilizes a flat and lightweight 3 layer magnetic design, making it highly durable and easy to hold. The magnetic design allows you to quickly assembles and disassemble the device, making cleanings a breeze.

The Genius Pipe's top layer is a sliding magnetic cover that will prevent you from spilling your packed bowl while also ensuring no smell escapes, allowing you to keep this device in plain sight without anyone knowing what it is. The Genius Pipe logo is carved out of this top layer to give you the opportunity to slide the top layer forward and smoke directly through that logo for an extremely efficient smoke method. If you prefer to smoke without the top layer simply remove it and it can be magnetically attached to the bottom of the pipe so it is not easily lost. Once your bowl is finished use the perfectly sized corners of the steel sliding cover to cache the ash.

The bottom two layers together create the body of the pipe, within these two layers you will see Genius Pipe's innovative dimple system that is responsible for protecting your lungs from nasty tars, oils and resin. These 2000 dimples are always hard at work, immediately capturing the majority of resin that is created while smoking, leaving you with the healthiest smoke pipe available on the market.

A TruTaste pipe screen is included that virtually eliminates the drawbacks that come with most pipe filters. Constructed from surgical grade stainless steel the TruTaste screen will not come with lose wires and it will never provide the metallic taste found with most pipe screens. This cutting-edge screen also features a large diameter of wire and an extremely high melting point that allows you to use these screens for up to 3 months of use at a time.

Designed by PhD's and expert engineers, the Genius Pipe is truly revolutionizing the business. Invest in this premium quality piece today and begin your lifetime of clean smoking.

The Genius Pipe is made available in several color options, above you can choose from the Classic, Color and Limited edition collections.


- 1 x Genius Pipe

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