Grav 14mm Glycerin Chiller Attachment 5 Inch
Grav 14mm Glycerin Chiller Attachment 5 Inch
Item ID: GLSVMP2K738    Brand: Grav

Grav 14mm Glycerin Chiller Attachment 5 Inch

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Cool your smoke in sub-zero temperatures in style and with ease.
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The Grav 14mm Glycerin Chiller Attachment 5 Inch is a unique accessory that attaches to your water pipe or bubbler to cool your smoke before it is filtered and inhaled.

Coming in at 5 inches tall and made of a durable borosilicate glass, designer Stephen Pierce made sure that this piece was more than just good looks. Behind the red, blue, or green color of the glass you can see it is filled with glycerin that can reach sub-zero temperatures without actually freezing.

The coil in the center that runs down the length of the chiller makes the smoke travel a longer distance on its journey to your pipe. This increases the ice cold surface area it is exposed to, cooling it along the way. So before your smoke or vapor reaches its final destination, it gets an icy blast to help make your session soothing and refreshing. Just store your Glycerin Chiller in the freezer when not in use so it is always ready to go.

The Grav Labs Chiller Attachment comes equipped with both male and female 14mm joints that can be used on either end, making it universally compatible with all 14mm glass on glass connections.

It's rare when a potential game changer like the Grav Glycerin Chiller Attachment comes along, so you absolutely need to give it a spin for yourself and experience the chilling difference.

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