Grav Arcline Hemisphere Bubbler 6 Inch
Grav Arcline Hemisphere Bubbler 6 Inch
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Grav Arcline Hemisphere Bubbler 6 Inch

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Hemisphere shaped bubbler made of a strong borosilicate glass with a Tuscan, Italy inspired mouthpiece.
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The GRAV Arcline Hemisphere Bubbler 6 Inch is a lower profile water pipe with a half circular bubbler, which is what gives it the hemisphere name, and it's absolutely perfect for all of your favorite dry blends

Renowned Grav lab designer Stephan Peirce headed the Arcline series and the Grav Hemisphere may be one of his finest works yet. It's constructed of a super strong and durable borosilicate glass, including 28mm tubing with a 14mm signature Arcline bowl. The fission downstem is fixed to stop from any easy breaking, while also diffusing and cooling your smoke so you get the coolest pulls possible. The wide base on the bottom makes it nearly impossible to knock over unless you are trying to, an added bonus of the hemisphere design.

On the angled tubing to the mouthpiece you have the signature GRAV logo beautifully flame finished, so everyone knows you have the real deal and not some simple piece from a shop down the street. It also was designed specifically to  resemble Tuscan columns from ancient Italy, giving it even more pizzazz than you thought you were getting.

Another GRAV Arcline piece, another success. By picking up this bubbler you are guaranteeing yourself an absolutely show stopping piece you can brag about and one you'll be using for years to come.

Dimensions: 6" Tall

  • 1 x Grav Arcline Hemisphere Bubbler 6 Inch
  • 1 x 14mm Arcline Bowl

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