Grav Beaker Spoon 4 Inch
Grav Beaker Spoon 4 Inch
Item ID: GCYUEC8C264
Brand: Grav

Grav Beaker Spoon 4 Inch

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Unique beaker-style glass hand pipe, without the water.
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Grav Beaker Spoon 4 Inch

The Grav Beaker Spoon 4 Inch is a waterless hand pipe that looks like a water pipe - and yes, you read that correctly. But its not all for show, this premium quality pipe is ergonomically designed and well-equipped to provide stellar sessions.

It's obvious that designer Stephen Pierce put his all into this whimsical design. The Beaker Spoon is designed to be portable, durable, and functional while looking stunningly beautiful. 

Like many Grav brand hand pipes, the Beaker Spoon comes in a wide array of colors, so you can choose one that best reflects your personal style. Whichever color you pick, you'll be adding a piece to your collection that is not only truly unique and attractive, but also performs like it should.

You can locate the Grav Beaker Spoon's carb on the right hand side. Like a real beaker, the base is flattened out so you can set it down on any level surface and it will stand upright. Not only does this feature help eliminate the worry of an accidental fall, but it looks great on the shelf when not in use. Just another near perfect glass pipe design by Grav, ho hum, nothing to see here.

The Beaker Spoon's ergonomic design, vast color choice, and portable glass build will have you saying "Water? We don't need no stinking water!".

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