Grav Coffee Mug Bubbler
Grav Coffee Mug Bubbler
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Brand: Grav

Grav Coffee Mug Bubbler

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Unique coffee mug shaped bubbler with a large chamber, a handle that doubles as a downstem, and a convenient straw-like mouthpiece design.
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Grav Coffee Mug Bubbler

The Grav Coffee Mug is the perfect way to start the day with a beautiful bubbler designed specifically for use with flowers and dry blends. Part of the Grav Sip Series, the Grav Coffee Mug is just one of 5 different uniquely designed water pipes that resemble different types of cups for a sleek and convenient to use design.

Designer Micah Evans really nailed the coffee mug look while making sure it still operated perfectly as a water pipe and had the strong, durable borosilicate glass design Grav is well known for. The "handle" on the side doubles as a downstem, where at the bottom there are small holes that allow the smoke to diffuse and percolate for a super smooth smoking experience with every puff.

This downstem and handle combo gives the Grav Coffee Mug water pipe a great hand feel, making it extremely easy to use. By lifting up the Grav Mug by the handle you can easily bring the straw-like mouthpiece up to your mouth, while lighting the included 14mm cup bowl. The large bubbler chamber gives your smoke ample room to cool, while the base makes it easy to set down on any flat surface where you won't need to worry about knocking it over.

One last thing that definitely needs mentioning is the way the cup bowl is fixed in the top center of the mug. It makes it so any splash back from the water inside the chamber, no matter how much you fill it with, will not occur. This is a common problem with conventional water pipes and Grav's Sip Series makes it a non factor.

Grav is known for their amazing borosilicate glass designs, but with the Sip Series and specifically the Coffee Mug Bubbler they have really outdone themselves. This line is great for beginners or veterans who want something with some extra style and exceptional function.

  • Height: 4" (7" with mouthpiece)
  • 1 x Grav Coffee Mug Bubbler
  • 1 x 14mm Straight Clear Cup Bowl Female

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