Grav Conical Pocket Bubbler
Grav Conical Pocket Bubbler
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Grav Conical Pocket Bubbler

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Cone shaped clear borosilicate glass bubbler with sidecar mouthpiece and 10mm bowl.
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Grav Conical Pocket Bubbler

The Grav Conical Bubbler 2.5 Inch is a small, portable, and versatile glass hand pipe perfect for both your favorite dry blends and concentrates.

Finding a portable solution that can work with flower and concentrate isn't easy to do, especially one of this quality. Designed by Grav master craftsman Micah Evans, the beautiful borosilicate glass design really pops just from a visual aspect alone, before you even get into all the features that are offered here.

Grav's Conical bubbler can fit either a 10mm flower bowl or a quartz banger, which would be used for concentrate, both easily being able to be switched out quickly with ease. The 10mm joint actually doubles as a bowl if need be, so you don't even need to add a bowl for your dry material on top unless you want to, making things even easier if you decide to switch between materials or don't happen to have your included 10mm cup bowl joint on you at the time.

The key parts here though are the cone shaped bubbler chamber and stem, both made of a super strong borosilicate glass. The bubbler chamber allows you to put a minimal amount of water in there and still receive the benefits of water filtration. The conal shape the bubbler takes on even gives you a comfortable ergonomic hand feel while holding, making it so it isn't difficult to use even if you are out and about, one of the main points of making it this small. The glass steam works to give the smoke even more time to cool before it reaches you and is set in a sidecar position so you can see the smoke building in the bubbler chamber so you know the precise moment to pull.

To have this many options with such lavish features in such a small package is something you simply don't come across often, so when you do you need to pounce. The Grav Conical Bubbler offers all of this and in addition is a marvel to look at. Break this thing out in front of your friends and watch jealous eyes light up in wonder.

Dimensions: 2.5" x 4"

  • Bubbler Chamber
  • 10mm Cup Bowl

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