Grav Donut Chillum 2.5 Inch
Grav Donut Chillum 2.5 Inch
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Grav Donut Chillum 2.5 Inch

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Pocketable donut-shaped mini glass hand pipe.
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Grav Donut Chillum 2.5 Inch

The Grav Donut Chillum 2.5 Inch is a unique glass hand pipe that is incredibly portable and convenient.

Designed by the dynamic duo of Stephen and Micah to work even better than it looks, the Donut Chillum comes in a wide range of attractive colors to match your personal style.

Most one-hitters are one pull and you're done, but the bowl size here, in keeping with most Grav brand creations, is more than generous.

The center part of the Grav Donut is comfortable to pinch in your hand while lighting the bowl on the opposite end, which allows it to be super small and still get the job done.

As your smoke travels into and around the unique donut shape, it cools and filters, baking up a fresh and tasty hit every time.

With its one-of-a-kind design, oversized bowl, and teeny tiny size, this must-have piece will have you saying it's "time to hit the donuts" morning, noon, and night. Add it to your collection today!

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