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Grav Dugout

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Sleek, durable modern dugout with digger taster bat. Avail in 9 colors.
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The Grav Dugout is one of the more impressive all-in-one smoking solutions you will come across these days. The combination of form, function, and convenience here is matched by few other taster boxes.

Grav made sure they crammed in all the essential features while not compromising anything in regards to construction or portability. It is truly a master class in design meeting ease of use that is very hard to find.

When you twist the top lid you will reveal two chambers. One is for your dry material to be dropped into, complete with a window so you can see how much you have left at any moment. The second smaller chamber contains an aluminum taster bat that is spring loaded so it pops out when you open the lid for quick access. Use the jagged edged end of the digger taster bat to dip it into your material and twist to grind it up and pack it all at once. Doesn't get much easier than this.

On the bottom of the dugout there is a small recessed pin that you can pull out and use to clean and clear out your dugout after each use. This is yet another feature that might be easy to overlook, but keeping your taster box clean is essential to its longevity.

This premium dugout is constructed of super-durable CNC aluminum and has the distinctive GRAV logo engraved on the side. It comes with a sleek black zipper case with a clip to strap it to your keys, belt, or bag to safely travel with it without a worry. You'll want to make sure this quality piece is well-protected.

You would be truly hard-pressed to find another taster box that matches the quality, durability, convenience, and style of the Grav Dugout. It has everything you need and more to effortlessly enjoy your favorite dry blends quickly and in a discreet manner. Plus, it comes in a wide range of colors, so you're sure to find one that reflects your personal style.

  • 1 x Grav Dugout
  • 1 x Aluminum Digger Bat
  • 1 x Zip-up Case

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