Grav Helix Pre-Mix Chamber 14mm
Grav Helix Pre-Mix Chamber 14mm
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Brand: Grav

Grav Helix Pre-Mix Chamber 14mm

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Attachment that cools and spins the smoke before it enters your water pipe.
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Grav Helix Pre-Mix Chamber 14mm

The Grav Helix 14mm Pre-Mix Chamber is an innovative attachment that aims to enhance your sessions by spinning and cooling the smoke before it enters your water pipe.

Grav's Helix Pre-Mix Chamber is only 3 inches long and made with 19mm tubing, a perfect small size to fit right on your water pipe's 14mm female connector. Grav's Venturi chamber has three air intake holes that are going to swirl and in turn cool your smoke before it is filtered through the water, resulting in some of the coolest and most flavorful smoke imaginable.

Made from strong glass, Grav added a little visual flair with the spiral design Grav Helix logo that conforms to the exotic looking shape.

You may think it gets no better than your trusty, tried-and-true water pipe, but the fact is without the Grav Helix Pre-Mix Chamber you are ultimately missing out on a better experience.

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