Grav Large Circuit Rig
Grav Large Circuit Rig
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Grav Large Circuit Rig

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Handheld 7 inch dab rig with front facing mouthpiece for easy, efficient sessions.
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The Grav Large Circuit Rig 7 Inch is all about design and comfort, with a 90° angle on the mouthpiece that makes it front facing for easy use without having to tip the rig so you can comfortably and easily enjoy waxes, oil, and concentrates.

Besides making it front facing and easy to use, the angle of the mouthpiece allows the vapor to swirl on its way, while the two stacked layers even further this effect to give you a cool, smooth, and clean vapor with every pull. The large bottom provides a sturdy base that won't be easy to knock over and with it being made from borosilicate glass even if it does take a tumble you won't have much to worry about. Additionally, the angled mouthpiece also blocks any water from bubbling up into your mouth, a common problem with most water pipes.

As is with most, if not all, Grav products, everything included to get you off and going is right in the box upon delivery. This includes a female joint 14mm domeless nail made of a super strong and tough heat tolerant quartz, capable of taking any heat your favorite torch lighter can throw at it.

Grav once again does outdoes themselves, as is tradition. The 7 Inch Grav Large Circuit Rig is a beautiful piece that is easy to use, easy to master, and a must have for those looking for the next level of enjoyment out of their concentrates.

  • 1 x Grav Large Circuit Rig 7 Inch
  • 1 x 14mm Quartz Domeless Nail

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