Grav Orbis Borocca
Grav Orbis Borocca
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Brand: Grav

Grav Orbis Borocca

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Sleek low-profile borosilicate dab rig complete with 14mm male quartz banger.
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Grav Orbis Borocca Dab Rig

The Grav Orbis Borocca 5.5 Inch is a low-profile water pipe made specifically as an entry level device for those getting into concentrates at an affordable price point, while still offering an original design you'd expect from Grav.

Lead designer Mike Evans at Grav Labs put his heart and soul into the Grav Orbis design, with it being the first product he would strictly design, but not create himself. It afforded him to really dig in on the design and have tunnel vision on creating the perfect product. Asked to design only two, Mike gave them 10, that they then narrowed down to the 5 best, with the Borocca being one of them.

Across the Orbis line of water pipes there is one constant, the exclamation point mouthpiece. The sphere base of the mouthpiece allows Grav to make different iterations with different angled mouthpieces with ease. Making this kind of the trademark of the Orbis water pipes. The spherical part even has a beautiful embossed Grav logo so you and everyone else knows it is the real deal.

The circular downstem has three holes that actually face you while in use, so your smoke is quickly diffused and percolated, it then has time to circle in the spherical part of the mouthpiece so by the time it reaches you all you are getting is nothing but the dabbing experience possible. The 14mm female joint is also flame finished that gives it a clean look and finish and is even fixed in two places to give it a rock steady foundation to reinforce it. Speaking of reinforcement, the Grav Orbis Borocca has a wide, sturdy base so when in use you don't have to worry about it flailing around on you or tipping over.

On top of all the previously mentioned bonuses of the exclamation mouthpiece, it even prevents water from bubbling up and into your mouth, a very, very common problem among water pipes, especially low-profile ones like the Orbis Borocca water pipe. Additionally, the long arm is going to keep the heat further away from you, making for a more comfortable experience overall.

Grav has taken the classic water pipe and brought it into modern times with their Orbis series. Mike Evans seriously outdid himself with this series and you absolutely need to jump at the opportunity to try the Grav Borocca out.

  • Height - 5.5"
  • Base Width: 3.5"
  • 1 x Grav Orbis Borocca
  • 1 x 14mm 90° Angled Clear Male Banger

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