Grav Orbis Coppa
Grav Orbis Coppa
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Brand: Grav

Grav Orbis Coppa

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Slender mini vase dab rig with the largest percolating downstem in the Orbis series.
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Grav Orbis Coppa Dab Rig Water Pipe

The Grav Orbis Coppa is a beautiful, slim vase-like dab rig with a sleek, modern feel. The Orbis line of water pipes was developed to bring cutting-edge design and premium quality to small, entry level glass rigs for concentrates.

Grav's Orbis Coppa water pipe has a circular downstem with 3 holes that face the user, so the smoke can percolate, diffuse, and cool before entering the spherical mouthpiece. The end result is an extremely cool and smooth smoke that minimizes throat hit. The 14mm female joint is reinforced in two places and flame polished for a clean finish,  imparting a stunning look.

One thing common across the Grav Orbis line is the ball and socket mouthpiece that resembles an exclamation point. This logo-adorned spherical base is the same for every piece in the Orbis series, but the angle of the backsplash-preventing mouthpiece on a piece by piece basis, making sure each model offers the most optimal dabbing experience.

Where the Grav Coppa differs from the other Orbis designs is its slender vase-shaped body. It also boasts a very low waterline and an extended arm to keep the heat at a comfortable distance. The Coppa comes equipped with a premium quartz banger, so you have everything you need ready to go right out of the box.

Grav has become well known for innovative, modern pieces, but they have raised the bar yet again with the Orbis series. If form, function, and value are all equally important to you, the Grav Orbis Coppa may just be the mini water pipe you are looking for.

About the Orbis series:

Long time Grav veteran Mike Evans took the lead on the Orbis project, focusing strictly on designing the piece rather than building it. He developed 10 unique, innovative designs from which the 5 best were selected, one of which is of course the Coppa.

  • Height - 5.5"
  • Base Width: 3.5"
  • 1 x Grav Orbis Coppa
  • 1 x 14mm 90° Angled Clear Male Banger

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