Grav Orbis Lume
Grav Orbis Lume
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Brand: Grav

Grav Orbis Lume

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Wide-based bell-shaped mini dab rig with fixed downstem and circular perc.
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Grav Orbis Dab Rig Water Pipe

The Grav Orbis Lume is a small bell-shaped dab rig with a sleek futuristic low-profile design, backsplash-preventing mouthpiece, and wide sturdy base.

The Grav Lume sports the signature ball and socket mouthpiece, adorned with an embossed Grav logo, that is common among the Orbis series water pipes. This innovative spherical component is designed to prevent water from bubbling up through the mouthpiece, a common issue with other low-profile rigs.

The Lume's distinct bell shape lends a refined aspect to its look that is complemented by a sturdy base that won't easily tip over. It also allows ample room for the vapor to quickly cool and diffuse before the chamber is cleared.

The circular downstem features 3 front facing holes at the bottom to help percolate and filter your vapor before it makes its way to the exclamation point reminiscent mouthpiece. The Lume's long arm is reinforced in two places and keeps the heat from your banger at a distance so you can use it comfortably.

The Lume comes equipped with a premium quality 14mm male quartz banger, so you have everything you need for a dab session the moment you open the box.

Grav made a great call in focusing their best talent into the Orbis project, and it shows in the exceptional dabbing experience the Grav Orbis Lume provides. Add one to your collection today.

About the Orbis series:

Every good piece starts with its designer and this piece is no different. Long time Grav glassblower and designer Mike Evans was unleashed when it came to the Orbis line of water pipes. Focused strictly on the design, he took to the project like a fish to water. Grav asked him for 2 designs, but he developed 10 expertly done, unique creations. They ended up settling on the 5 best and the Orbis Lume as you might guess, was one that made the cut.

  • Height - 6.5"
  • Base Width: 3.5"
  • 1 x Grav Orbis Lume
  • 1 x 14mm 90° Angled Clear Male Banger

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