1. Green Apple BLOW E-Juice 60mL
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Green Apple BLOW E-Juice 60mL

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Green Apple BLOW E-Juice 60mL closely resembles the hard candy lolly pops with a pink bubblegum core you would munch on as a kid. Just as the candy, Green Apple BLOW E-Juice starts with a blast of crisp, freshly picked Green Apple flavoring then follows with the sweet pink bubble gum aftertaste that gives this juice the perfect mix of sour and then sweet. BLOW Vape Juice is manufactured every step of the way in the USA in order to ensure a consistent product and features a 70/30 VG/PG blend, catering to those cloud chasers looking for a juice that can create huge clouds paired with a premium quality flavor that remains strong all day long.


- 1 x Green Apple BLOW E-Juice 60mL

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