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Pokeball Grinder 3 Piece 2.2"

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The 3 Piece Pokeball Grinder is a discreet device for dried blends and spices that is inspired by and shaped like the original Pokeball from Pokemon, perfect for die hard fans of the series.

This three part grinder features two layers of diamond shaped teeth held together by an extremely secure magnetic seal. The strategically placed diamond teeth will deliver a smooth grind each and every time, creating a consistency that works well for smoke pipes and vaporizers.

Directly beneath the grind chamber, a stainless steel sifting screen filters any fine particles of loose material that may fall from your blends and then transfers it into the final collection area. Quickly access your filtered pollen by using just two fingers to unthread the bottom layer of teeth and reveal the extremely deep (~0.5") collection chamber.

The 3 Part Pokeball Grinder is constructed from a top shelf quality of aluminum that is truly built to last, easily resisting normal everyday wear and tear.

This blend shredding Pokeball comes complete in a hard black box that makes a great gift box or storage container for discreet and comfortable travel.


- 1 x 3 Part Pokeball Grinder 2.2"
- 1 x Gift Box

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