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Cosmic Super Shredder 4 Piece Medium Grinder 53mm

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The Super Shredder by Cosmic is far from your conventional grinder. It starts just like any other grinder, loading your material into the top but from there you must turn to the right to grind the material and when you twist to the left it loads the ground up material to the sifting screen/storage area. Simply awesome.

The Shredder is a unique design in more ways than one. Finely crafted from aircraft aluminum using computer controlled equipment the precision blades cut your material to the perfect consistency every time.

The Cosmic Super Shredder is 53mm (about 2") making it a great size for portable or at home use.

Here are some features of the Super Shredder:

Cutting Mechanism: This system works by turning the top clockwise to cut and then turning counter clockwise to dispense.

Loading Port: The Shredder is the only grinder that features a port in which you can load your material without having to crush it between the teeth.

Holding Tank: The Shredder is the only grinder that gathers ALL your ground material into a storage bay so that you don't have to pick through sharp teeth to get any remnants out.


Anodized Aircraft Aluminum

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