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Mini 4 Piece Cosmic Grinder 40mm

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This tiny little grinder is small enough where you are bound to get the "Aw, it's so cute!" reaction from any girl who sees it. But don't let it's small size fool you, it has everything you need from your grinder, including a sifting screen, super strong centered magnet that will keep the grinder sealed until you wish to open it, storage area, and even beveled and sharpened edges so no material sticks to the edges of the grinder. All Cosmic grinders are made in the USA and are built from a solid piece of anodized aluminum, so no paint or metal chippings can get into your material.

The mini size is a mere 40mm (about 1.5") making it one of the only pocket sized 4 piece grinders you will come across.

Also Included:

- Triangle Scraping Tool


Anodized Aluminum

Need something bigger? Cosmic 4 Piece Aluminum grinders are also available in:

Medium - 53mm (about 2")

Large - 70mm (about 2.75")

Extra Large - 88mm (about 3")

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