Small 4 Piece Ergo Grinder
Small 4 Piece Ergo Grinder
Brand: Ergo

Small 4 Piece Ergo Grinder

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Small 4 Piece Ergo Grinder

The Small 4 Piece Ergo Grinder 56mm, named for it's ergonomic lid design, is a super durable aircraft grade aluminum grinder that comes equipped with razor sharp teeth for quickly shredding through blends.

The 4 piece blend grinder includes a magnetic removable sifting screen for a streamlined cleaning process while also adding a bit of custimzation to your grind game as Ergo offers several different interchangeable screen sizes, allowing you to regulate your pollen collection.

A magnetic top lid keeps all of your material safely closed inside until you deem otherwise while also creating a tight seal to keep your blends as fresh as possible.

The bottom storage compartment offers a collection tray with ample room to accumulate the fine particles of pollen that fall from your dry blends, when enough has collected use the included scraping tool to remove every last bit.

Each and every Ergo Grinder is backed by a lifetime guarantee, ensuring you are buying nothing but a quality product that is sure to last.

The small size is 56mm (about 2") making it a great size for use at home or on the go.

Also Included:

- Carry Case

- Scraping Tool


Anodized Aluminum

Need a different size? Ergo 4 Piece Aluminum grinders are also available in:

Mini - 43mm (about 1.85")

Medium - 63mm (about 2.5")

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