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Medium 4 Piece EZ Grind Grinder 56mm

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Having trouble find that grinder that is just the right size? EZ Grind may be able to help you with that. The medium sized EZ Grind aluminum grinder measures in at 56mm (about 2.2") and is a perfect fit in pretty much anyone's hands. It has a heavy duty aluminum build and has a centered magnet to help keep the grinder sealed.

Every EZ Grind grinder comes with a full lifetime warranty so if you are extra rough on your grinders that is something you will of course want to keep in mind.

Also Included:

- Black velvet carrying case

- Triangle scraping tool



Need a different size? EZGrind 4 Piece Aluminum grinders are also available in:

Small - 50mm (about 2")

Large - 62mm (about 2.5")

Extra Large - 76mm (about 3")

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