Brand: Mendo Mulcher

Mini 2 Piece Mendo Mulcher Grinder 40mm

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Mini 2 Piece Mendo Mulcher Grinder 40mm

Mendo Mulchers are home made grinders coming from Mendocino, California. These premium brand grinders combine both durability and effectiveness to make one of the best grinders around. The aluminum is a billet aircraft design that has a matt finish that will stop the grinder from chipping or scratching and also resist smudging from finger prints, keeping your grinder looking great all the time. Mendo Mulchers also come with a lifetime warranty, so this grinder might last longer than you.

The 2 piece includes a magnetically sealed top that will avoid spilling if the grinder is dropped, so it can double as storage. The Mendo Mulcher comes with two times more teeth than the other grinder competition and the teeth are curved, stopping the grinder from sticking when you grind your material.

The 40mm 2-piece is about 1.5" making it a great portable size.


Aircraft Billet Aluminum

Need a different size? Mendo Mulcher 2-Piece aluminum grinders are also available in:

45mm - (about 1.75")

50mm - (about 2")

56mm - (about 2.25")

75mm - (about 3")

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