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Medium 4 Piece Mendo Mulcher Grinder 56mm

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Medium 4 Piece Mendo Mulcher Grinder 56mm

The 2.25" Grip Edge Mendo Mulcher with Screen is a top quality American made grinder for dry blends that will easily cover your needs for easy on the go grinding or at home use.

It's precision machined from a heavy duty 6061-T6 bar stock billet aluminum that is extremely durable, easy to clean and guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Mendo designs it with four unique parts that make up three chambers to grind, sift and store your material with the absolute best possible results.

The Mendo Grinder's top layer is made with their innovative angled edge design to increase the strength of your grip for effortless grinding.

Inside that chamber you have a strong set of magnets for spill-free travel and about 2x the amount of teeth you will find in any competing model.

After your material grinds it falls through into the second compartment for storage. Mendo incorporates a premium 190 micron stainless steel screen to sift and separate pollen from your material.

This size screen only allows the finest quality to filter down into the bottom collection tray. It's made with a smooth polished surface and rounded edges that allows you to remove every last bit with ease.

At only 2.25 inches wide and just over 1.75" tall, the Medium Mendo Mulcher can grind/store a lot of material at once while still being small enough to easily travel with it.

  • 1 x 2.25" Grip Edge Mendo Mulcher Grinder with Screen

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