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4 Piece Jumbo Santa Cruz Shredder Grinder 95mm

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This behemoth of a grinder from Santa Cruz Shredder is the largest grinder we have gotten in stock to date. Measuring in at 101mm (4") you would be hard pressed to find anything bigger that also offers the same quality Santa Cruz Shredder is well know to deliver. Each grinder is made of a super tough anodized aluminum that keeps your grinder looking fresh and new at all times. This is especially important because you will want that beautiful matte black design to stay looking new.

In addition to the magnetized lid to help prevent spilling, the fine mesh screen has the smallest micron size (the space between the threading) available, giving you a super fine sift to your material before it hits the bottom storage compartment. If you have been looking for the largest grinder you can find congratulations, because you have found it.


Anodized Aluminum

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