1. Medium 4 Piece Space Case Grinder 62mm
Item ID: SPAQ7JT625

Medium 4 Piece Space Case Grinder 62mm

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This 4 piece anodized aluminum grinder has everything you need from your grinder, including a sifter for your material and a convenient storage area for anything you might have left over. The anodized aluminum ensures you that your grinder won't be dulling and become useless after extended use. On top of already having one storage space, it also has a magnet that keeps the top sealed, so it is like having 2 storage areas.

The medium size is 62mm (about 2.5") which is a nice size that holds a lot of material and is still small enough where you could comfortably bring it with you on the go.


Anodized Aircraft Grade Aluminum

Need a different size? Space Case 4 Piece Aluminum grinders are also available in:

Mini - 40mm (about 1.5")

Small - 50mm (about 2")

Large - 90mm (about 3.5")

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