Headdies Galaxy Gandalf Pipe
Headdies Galaxy Gandalf Pipe
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Brand: Headdies

Headdies Galaxy Gandalf Pipe

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Hand-blown 7 inch boro glass Gandalf-style pipe with gorgeous galaxy-inspired finish.
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Headdies Galaxy Gandalf Pipe - 4 Colors

The Headdies Galaxy Gandalf Pipe is colorful and vibrant take on the classic Gandalf pipe design you know and love.

Of course the first thing you will notice is not only the long stemmed Gandalf pipe design, but also the vibrant "Galaxy" finish that accompanies each color as well as the Headdies logo on the stem. The smokey and cosmic look gives it a distinct visual that is more certainly out of this world. And it's not just looks, it's constructed of a super durable borosilicate glass that can take any bumps and bruises you might throw its way.

Handcrafted in Pennsylvania, the Galaxy Gandalf Pipe has a carb on the left hand side of the pipe, so the bowl rests comfortably in your palm while your thumb naturally rests over the carb. The long stem that the Gandalf style pipe is known for not only makes you feel like a wizard, but also gives the smoke time to cool before hitting the mouthpiece, for a super smooth smoking experience every time.

If you've never owned a Gandalf pipe or used one, the Headdies Galaxy Gandalf Hand Pipe is absolutely the prettiest, and affordable, way to get in the game.

  • 1 x Headdies Galaxy Gandalf Pipe
  • Stand not included

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