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VripTech 007 VHW Kit

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The VripTech 007 VHW Kit (Vaporizing Heat Wand ) is one heavy duty vaporizer. This kit comes with everything you will need to vaporize right out of the box. If you have never used a water tool to vaporize this is the absolute best place to start. The set up is very simple but this vaporizer is not recommended for beginners. The heat wand is used as the heating element and is placed over the bowl piece of the water tool, creating vapor and passing it through the water tool. This method of vaporizing is widely known to deliver one of the best quality vapors around.

Also Included:

- Pelican Case with Custom Foam Insert

  • Custom foam insert is developed and made by the manufacturer of the VripTech Heat Wand and the resulting modified product is not endorsed or sponsored by Pelican.

- EZVapes Rewritable Storage Jar

- Vaporizing Heat Wand

- Glass Stand for Wand

- Water Tool

- 14.4mm Vaporization Chamber with Upper Intake

Parts and Accessories:

Glass Stand

Water Tool Pro Model

Water Tool PerK

Spare Parts Kit

Glass Poker w/ Oil Collector

Vaporization Chamber 9.5mm

Vaporization Chamber 12mm

Vaporization Chamber 14.4mm

Vaporization Chamber 18.8mm

International Power Adapter

VripTech 007 VHW Parts and Accessories


The 007 VHW is made of aluminum with a glass water tool, bowl pieces, and stand.



Manufacturer's Warranty:

90 day warranty on heating wand.

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