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HELOS-G Hybrid Coil 5 Pack

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The HELOS-G Hybrid Coils are an innovative pack of heating elements exclusively for use with the HELOS-G that sport a design that combines the benefits of eDab's eNail and eFunnel coils to create the ultimate atomizer for concentrates.

A double wide wick with tightly wrapped kanthal coil allows you to vape large slabs of concentrated material at the push of a button with utmost of efficiency and ease.

Like the eFunnel coils from eDab, these hybrid coils come complete with a stainless steel funnel design with a lipped edge that makes loading your wax or essential oils as easy as can be while also helping to minimize waste as the metal edge will catch any material before spilling over.

The heating element on the HELOS-G Hybrid Coils rests on the base of the ceramic dish, this ensures that all of your material gets vaporized, guaranteeing you are getting the absolute most out of your product.

Similar to eDab's short eNails, the kanthal coil sits extremely close to the top of the atomizer, this eliminates the deep resevoir that makes removing any residue build up in the ceramic dish a difficult task.

These cutting-edge coils from eDab are guaranteed make major improvements to your concentrate vape game, they are a lmited edition product so act fast before it's too late!

Now available as a Coil Type option on the HELOS-G Case Kit and HELOS-G Cartridge Set.

Please note the HELOS-G Hybrid Coils will only work with the HELOS-G base, meaning they are NOT compatible with the Original HELOS or HELOS-X base.


- 5 x HELOS-G Hybrid Coils

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