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Jet Pal Pipe

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Jet Pal Pipe

The Jet Pal Pipe is a super stealth smoke pipe from the makers of the Monkey PIpe that makes smoking on the go both convenient and simple.

This quality smoke pipe features a premium hardwood construction with a custom finish done by hand that gives it the clean aesthetics to match functionality.

It is equipped with a large storage area built into the side of the pipe that offers plenty of room to take some extra material with you on the go without having to fill your pockets with extra containers.

There is a stainless steel cover insert above the storage section and the stem of the pipe itself. These covers can easily be removed for thorough cleanings and they also help to prevent the bottom wood sections of the bowl from burning.

The makers of the Jet Pal Pipe also implements a stainless steel swivel bowl cover that will stop spills and protect your material from the elements. Pre-pack a bowl and throw the pipe into your pocket without worrying about it emptying all over the place, when your ready for a session simply swivel the lid in either direction and you are ready to go in seconds.

Measuring in at just 3.4" long by 1.5" wide, the Jet Pal Pipe makes the ultimate tool for easy and discreet smoke sessions on the go. If you are one tha's constantly on the move then you need to invest in one today, you will be sorry you haven't sooner!


  • 1 x Jet Pal Pipe

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