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Journey 4 Pipe

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The Journey 4 Pipe is the newest version of the ever so popular Journey Pipe series that is well known for offering a convenient and discreet smoking experience no matter where you go.

With this newer edition of the Journey series comes such major improvements, such as a heat resistant silicone external surface that ensures the pipe remains cool to the touch even during extended smoking sessions. This FDA approved silicone coating is 100% non-toxic and it also provides a secure grip to help prevent drops and falls.

The Journey4 Pipe's stainless steel/silicone construction creates a virtually indestructible structure that will not easily break, ensuring you are buying a quality piece that will last for much time to come. The internal stainless steel surface not only creates a durable structure it also offers an extremely easy cleaning process, just swab with an alcohol wipe and in about 30 seconds your Journey4 will be as good as new.

Unlike the first three versions, the Journey4 not only acts as an innovative smoking pipe it also doubles as a pocket-friendly vaporizer. Simply fill the chamber about halfway then heat the stainless steel surface outside the dip of the bowl for about 2-3 seconds with a windproof torch lighter and enjoy.

Each and every Journey4 Pipe comes equipped with their patented screenless V-Gap filter technology that offers one of the cleanest smoking experiences available. This 200 micron filter prevents clogs and resin build up, allowing only the cleanest quality of smoke or vapor to pass through. For best results it is recommended to thoroughly clean this area every 4-5 uses.

As the original models, the Journey4 Pipe features a user-friendly magnetic assembly with swivel top lid. The top lid now features a secure and satisfying click once opened or closed, this will help to ensure that the bowl remains opened or closed until you deem otherwise, guaranteeing you will not lose a chamber full of material every time you throw the Journey pipe in a pants or jacket pocket. The Journey4 Pipe is held tightly in place by one set of extremely strong magnets, this magnetic closure allows you to easily disassemble and reassemble the device in just a matter of moments for quick cleanings.


- 1 x Journey4 Pipe

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