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Kannastor Vape GR8TR Grinder

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The Kannastor Vape GR8TR Grinder is a fully customizable blend grinder that utilizes a Micro-Teeth & Press (MTP) design to effortlessly shred through the most dense materials with ease. The MTP technology uses micro-sized teeth to shred from the top and bottom plates while simultaneously pressing your blends to provide a grind that takes little to no torque to fully shred through you material, while also making cleanings a breeze since the teeth are so small you can simply use your fingers to remove any bits of material that get wedged into the corners of your grinder. Adding to this grinder's ease of use, the GR8TR Vape grinder uses friction/residue rings that reduce the amount of friction that is generated between the exterior wall of the press and the inner wall of the grinding chamber by creating air pockets, these rings will also collect any residue that may build up on the outside of your grinder which will keep the threading in a truly pristine condition.

The GR8TR Grinder is the first and only grinder on the market that have threaded grinding plates that allow you to swap out the grinders teeth, each plate providing a different grind consistency, meaning whether your smoking or vaporizing the GR8TR has you covered. These plates are constructed from a 60/61 hard aluminum that is chemically bathed and then put through an anodizing process to ensure that each and every plate meets a certain standard of quality that will last for years of use.

Kannastor has designed this grinder with a second storage compartment located above the top layer of teeth, allowing you to store extra blends and spices for grinding on the go. If you're looking to take you fine finished ground blends with you on go the but do not want to carry a huge grinder around with you then no worries, the top and bottom lid of the GR8TR can be removed from the grinder and combined to create a pocket-sized travel puck for discreet and comfortable travel.

DIMENSIONS - 2.125" (H) x 2" (D)


- 1 x Kannastor Vape GR8TR Grinder

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