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Longmada CPENAIL Replacement Heating Element Base

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The CP Enail Heating Base is the embedded ceramic element responsible for heating up the nail attachment on your CPENAIL Vaporizer.

It is made from a premium ceramic material that heats up quickly and offers a long life span. When it eventually dies out you can simply replace it rather than investing in an entirely new device.

Longmada designs it with an easy to install threaded connection that makes replacing it or cleaning a fast process. It also has top inner threads that connect your nail attachments just as quickly.

The fast heating ceramic rod element remains embedded beneath your nail at all times. This keeps it completely separate from your material for unmatched flavor/vapor quality.

Grab your authentic CPENAIL Replacement Heating Base today and quickly get back to enjoying your favorite concentrates at the touch of a button.

  • 1 x CP Enail Replacement Ceramic Base

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