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Longmada Motar Kit

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Longmada Motar Vaporizer Kit

The Longmada Motar Kit combines the powerful performance of the Motar Wax Atomizer with Longmada's highly advanced Trunk 100W Battery that offers a massive 1300mAh capacity and innovative smart atomizer detection.

Longmada's Motar Wax Atomizer uses a removable quartz glass bucket (2 included) to heat your concentrates without ever allowing them to come in direct contact with a coil. Instead it travels from quartz bucket to a pure glass filling chamber and through the extended glass mouthpiece system to maintain ultra smooth and flavorful vapor with every session.

It's premium glass chamber/mouthpiece (now available in the Standard or Vertical version) includes a cutting-edge carb system that you can use to fully control your airflow and customize performance to match your every preference.

The Motar Attachment's base is made with an intricate heat sink design that allows you to enjoy those extra long vape sessions without the atomizer easily becoming too hot to touch. It also sports a durable stainless steel construction and slim 22mm diameter to match the Trunk Battery perfectly in both looks and size.

The Longmada Trunk offers an extremely versatile 1-100W output that is automatically set based on the type of the atomizer you connect to it. It's compatible with most 510 thread atomizers (0.1-3.0O) and determines a sufficient output in seconds to deliver the best results possible.

It's designed with a simple to use one button control system with LED power indicator guiding you every step of the way. First power the device on by clicking it's button 5 times and the LED light will flash white 3 times.

The Trunk Smart Battery can be used in either automatic or manual output depending on your preference/needs. Just hold the button for manual operation or click it 3 times to activate an automatic cycle.

Either cycle type can last up to 20 seconds at a time before it's power cuts off to prevent overheating. Restart your session as needed until satisfied.

Longmada's Trunk Battery comes equipped with a massive 1300mAh capacity that will easily keep you powered all day long without a hitch. When the time to recharge eventually comes around in recharges via USB in only 3.5-4 hours and supports passthrough charging for when you really just can't wait.

Features & Specs
  • Advanced Motar Wax Vaporizer Kit with Powerful Trunk Battery
  • Guaranteed Authentic Longmada Brand Quality
  • Slim and Easy to Carry Construction
  • Dimensions: 128mm  x 22mm
  • Device Weight: About 4.6 ounces
  • Kit Includes Powerful Motar 510 Wax Atomizer
  • Available in Standard or Vertical Glass Versions
  • Equipped with Pure Quartz Heating Bucket for Unmatched Flavor
  • Bucket is 100% Removable/Replaceable (1 Spare Included)
  • Recommended to Heat at 30-45W for Best Results
  • Uses All Glass Vapor Chamber with Extended Mouthpiece for Smooth Results
  • Includes Top Carb Airflow Control for Custom Vapor Output
  • Designed with Innovative Heat Sink Base for Minimal Heat Transfer
  • 22mm Diameter Base Fits Seamlessly with Trunk Battery
  • 510 Thread Compatible Battery with Premium Stainless Steel Build
  • Huge 1300mAh Battery Capacity Keeps You Powered All Day
  • Cutting-edge Coil Detection Auto Assigns Output to Match Coil
  • Wattage/Voltage Output: 1-100W / 3.7-4.2V
  • Compatible with Coils 0.1-3.0O
  • Can Be Used in Either Manual or Automatic Output
  • Heats For Up to 20 Second Continously Before Cutting Off Power
  • Unique Star-Shaped Top Airflow Ports and Bottom Vent Design
  • User-Friendly One Button Control System with LED
  • Click Button 5 Times Rapidly to Lock/Unlock (Light flashes 3 times)
  • Click Button 3 Times to Activate Automatic Heating (Blue flashing light)
  • Hold Button for Manual Heating (White light)
  • Low Battery Indicator: Light rapidly flashes red
  • Convenient USB Charging Method / Recharges in 3.5-4 Hours
  • LED On While Charging, Turns Off When Charged
  • 1 x Motar Wax Atomizer
  • 2 x Glass Quartz Bucket (1 Pre-installed)
  • 1 x Bag of Spare O-Rings
  • 1 x Packing Tool
  • 1 x Trunk 100W Battery
  • 1 x USB Charger
  • 1 x Trunk User Manual
More Options
  • Add Motar Glass Mouthpiece: This authentic Longmada brand glass piece perfectly replaces the original in each kit. Add an extra and save a buck in the process.
  • Add Motar Quartz Coil: All atomizers are bound to die out eventually. Stay prepared for the worst at all times by adding on an extra before check out.
  • Add Motar Glass Water Bubbler: Upgrade your vapor quality with this premium glass water piece at a discounted price above (see images)
  • Add Motar Vertical Glass Mouthpiece: Upgrade your experience with this new mouthpiece system complete with side carb system and vertical rising mouthpiece stem. (see images)
  • Add Motar Base Stand: This heavy duty stainless steel base stand will fit your Motar vaporizer perfectly and hold it in an upright position while it's not in use.
  • Add Padded Soft Case: This premium zipper case by RYOT is the perfect size to protect your Motar atomizer, plus extra parts, and a battery.
  • Add Silicone Band: Equip your Motar glass with extra protection from accidental damage with this heavy duty silicone band.

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