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Small, portable air-tight, water-tight, storage container with built in grinder.
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The Medtainer - Storage Container with Built-In Grinder

The Medtainer is an all-in-one grinder and storage solution for all your assorted dry flower blends.

You are going to be hard pressed to find a grinder and storage combo that offers the benefits the Medtainer does. First off it is completely air and water tight, so your material is going to stay as fresh and as dry as you need it to so it last much longer than being stored in something that doesn't offer the same protection against the elements.

Simply drop your dry material into the Medtainer's main chamber, put the grinder lid on top, and with a few easy turns the Medtainer's grinder teeth have your material ground up and ready to go. It's that easy. Better yet, the material is now already in its storage chamber, so you can pour it out then or simply save it for later.

In addition to being an easy grinder/storage combo, it also offers some style options as well for those who like some flair. You have the transparent design in assorted colors so you can see your material easily at a glance without opening, the solid design also in assorted colors for those who want some discretion, the marble design for a solid color but with a little extra pizzazz, and finally the specialty designs that have anything from video game to movie and pop culture references printed on them. My personal favorite is the "Blaze Station". (See below for all specialty designs)

If you've been struggling carrying around a hefty grinder and cumbersome storage solutions for a while you know the struggle. Well, the Medtainer grinder and storage combo is here to save the day.

  • 1 x Medtainer (Single or Display Case of 12)
Specialty Designs:

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