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The Eclipse Vape2O is a hand held anodized aluminum vaporizer designed exclusively for use with concentrates, liquids, and essential oils. The Eclipse Vape2O is similar to the Essential Vaaapp and shares its rock solid one-piece design but also includes glass attachments compatible with any water tool for extra vapor filtration. The extended length between the user and the glass heating chamber created by using with a water tool adds moisture to the vapor and gives it more time to cool down resulting in a clean, pure experience.


- Eclipse Vape2O Portable Vaporizer

- Shock Proof Carrying Case

- 2 Glass Vials

- Extra O-Rings

- 4 Water Tool Adapter Stems

- Instruction Manual


The Eclipse Vape is constructed of anodized aluminum, utilizes a glass vial heating chamber, and requires a standard butane lighter as a heating element.


Under 1 lb


Essential Aroma Technologies LLC

Made in the USA

Manufacturer's Warranty:

Lifetime Warranty restricted to normal use.

Additional Manufacturer Information:

"Use Sensibly. THE Eclipse Vape is intended solely for the consumption of legal blends and their essential oils."

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