Original Proto Pipe Deluxe
Original Proto Pipe Deluxe
Brand: Proto Pipe

Original Proto Pipe Deluxe

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Original Proto Pipe Deluxe

The Original Proto Pipe Deluxe is a tried-and-true smoking device that has been one of the most sought after pipes on the market since the 1960's.

This pipe is hand crafted in America from 100% brass for maximum durability, leaving you with a tough as nails piece that will truly last a lifetime.

The Original Proto Pipe Deluxe comes equipped with a cutting-edge removable storage tube for holding extra tobacco, allowing you to keep a few bowls worth of material with you at all times for convenient travel. Not only does this tube act as storage it can also be detached while smoking to use it as a bowl tamper to minimize waste.

Designed with ease of travel in mind, the Proto Pipe Deluxe comes complete with a swivel top lid, giving you the opportunity to pack a bowl full of material and close the pipe to travel with peace of mind you are not losing a chamber full of blends to your pocket.

A unique tar trap found beneath the Proto Pipe's bowl captures the tar and resin produced while smoking, creating an extremely smooth and clean smoke quality. This tar trap can quickly and easily be removed for thorough cleaning.

A removable poker tool makes the perfect companion for cleaning a clogged bowl or for removing the resin build up in the bottom of the pipe.

If you're in the market for an innovative pipe for discreet smoking on the go, the Original Proto Pipe makes the absolute best choice with it's compact design coupled with extreme durability and affixed accessories.

Order today and you will receive a Genuine Proto Pipe from the original manufacturer, shop with confidence knowing you will never receive an imitation or clone when you choose EZVapes!


- 1 x Authentic Original Proto Pipe Deluxe

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