Ozium Air Sanitizer 0.8oz
Ozium Air Sanitizer 0.8oz
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Brand: Ozium

Ozium Air Sanitizer 0.8oz

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Fresh-scented air deodorizer for fast-acting, long-lasting smoke and odor elimination.
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Ozium Air Sanitizer Spray 0.8oz

Ozium Air Sanitizer 0.8oz acts fast to eliminate germs and bad odors caused by smoke in the air with a simple spray of the 0.8oz can.

It was originally put into development as a way to fight airborne bacteria and germs in hospitals specifically, so you know it has some extra strength to it. Most odor neutralizers only mask a bad smell, but Ozium differentiates itself by completely killing bad odors and germs without prejudice. It even comes in a multitude of scents so you can replace that bad smell with a much more favorable one of your choosing.

Since it kills the smell and bacteria it also eliminates the odor from coming back after a short time. We've all used air fresheners where you spray it and 5 minutes later that bad smell is back. It's time you pick up Ozium Air Sanitizer and start killing these odors instead of shortly being free of them.

  • 1 x 0.8oz Ozium Air Sanitizer

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