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Magic Flight Launch Box Vape Case

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The Magic Flight Launch Box is a super portable vaporizer that comes with its own tin and black velvet carrying case, but neither offer the protection you want when traveling with your vape. The Magic Flight Launch Box Vape Case is the ultimate in protection for your Magic Flight, holding all the essential Magic Flight parts in a tough, durable and discreet case. The high impact foam will withstand any drop you can throw its way, keeping your Magic Flight and parts safe at all times. The case holds up to four NiMH batteries, if you only have two you can add a battery pack above, but if not the case comes with a foam insert to replace the empty slot for the additional two batteries.

Not only will the case withstand serious pressure and impact, it also locks in odor so if you just used the Magic Flight and store it immediately afterwards you won't have the odor travel with you. The Magic Flight Vape Case is also water resistant. Going out on the boat? Don't worry, if the Magic Flight goes overboard your Vape Case will keep it safe. When you have a Magic Flight Vape Case you can take it anywhere. Camping, the beach, hiking, biking, the possibilities are endless.

The Magic Flight Vape Case Holds:

- Magic Flight Launch Box

- Brush

- Mouthpiece (Stem)

- Up to 4 AA NiMH Batteries (Add an extra battery pack above if you only have two currently!)

Other Accessories for the Magic Flight:

Plain Mouthpiece

Wood Mouthpiece

Glass Mouthpiece

Battery Pack

Personal Whip Tubing

Desktop Whip Tubing

Party Whip Tubing

Mini Grinder

Accessory Pack

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