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Honey Bee Extractor

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Honey Bee Extractor

The Honey Bee Extractor is a clean and safe way of extracting "honey oils" from your material and all in a small portable size. The Honey Bee honey oil extractor uses a space age chemical resistant plastic, unlike cheap imitations that use reactive materials such as PVC. Simply grind your material, place in the Honey Bee Extractor, insert butane, and you are good to go.

The Honey Bee Extractor is the fastest, cleanest, and best way to extract honey oils from your material, don't accept a cheap knock off, get the original Honey Bee BHO extractor.


- Genuine Honey Bee butane extractor

- 3 Filters

- Instruction Manual

Check out the larger Queen Bee Extractor to extract large amounts of oil at one time!

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