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Magic Flight Launch Box Accessory Pack

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Want to make one of the most enjoyable experiences in vaporizing a little better? Here we have 3 accessories for the Magic Flight Launch Box that are sure to make life easier. The extra batteries will have you set with a charged pair of batteries at all times, no more cutting a session short. Extra mouthpieces will make sure you always have one ready to go, even if you're cleaning your original one. Last but not least the whip tubing adds about 6 inches of silicon tubing between the Magic Flight's mouthpiece and your mouth, resulting in a cooler and smoother vapor.

Each one of these accessories can be purchased by themselves below but to get the full experience you will want to add the whole pack.


- Battery Pack ($12 value)

- Whip Tubing ($6 value)

- Mouthpiece (Stem) ($1 value)

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