PAX 3 Basic Kit

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PAX 3 Basic Kit

Widely considered one of the most mainstream vaporizers out there, the Pax helped pave the way to change vapes from an underground thing to widespread knowledge and acceptance. You don't accomplish something like that while offering an underwhelming product, now on their 3rd iteration the Pax 3 portable vaporizer shows they haven't lost a step.

The PAX 3 boasts are large blend chamber that holds enough for easily a few sessions. This medical grade oven will evenly and efficiently heat your dried blends, creating a thick vapor that is absolutely packed with flavor. The PAX 3 also comes complete with four innovative heating modes that will each help to provide different results. These include a boost mode for more power/vapor, an efficiency mode will help to efficiently vaporize your dried blends while preserving battery life, an innovative stealth mode heats your blends at a lower temperature to keep it discreet with a thin vapor and the flavor mode will customize the output to create an increased quality of flavor.

The 3500mAh lithium ion battery leaves the previous PAX battery in the dust easily, sporting an additional 500mAh. This in turn lowers your heat up time from 45 seconds on the PAX 2 to an absurd 15 seconds on the PAX 3, which is paramount to a quality and stress free portable vaporizing session. In addition, a completely dead PAX 3 portable vape is going to reach full battery charge in only about 90 minutes, which is nothing when you get about 3 times that in active vape time.

Protecting this precious battery you have the sleek PAX 3 outer shell made of polished anodized aluminum that, in addition to being rather pretty, won't ding or scratch easily. Designed specifically to be held for long periods of time, the PAX will not cramp your hand in the slightest allowing for longer sessions without frustration. Form and function are all here and the PAX 3 skimps on neither.

Since this is 2017 and we are seeing things like mobile apps for vaporizers it is no surprise the PAX has taken this opportunity to innovate further. Adding to the ease of use, the PAX 3 vaporizer will vibrate when it reaches your desired temp. This also helps in the stealth department, allowing you to keep the PAX hidden in your hand or pocket without having to keep looking to see if it is at your desired temp. It will also again vibrate when it enters standby mode, so if you lose track of time it gives you a little nudge to let you know it's time to heat it back up or turn it off for use later. Using the PAX mobile app you can adjust the vibration intensity so if you are the type that usually misses your phone vibrating in your pocket you can adjust accordingly.

The PAX 3 is more than just a better PAX 2, this portable vaporizer has stepped the game up across the board and separated itself from this insanely packed market. Dy dry blends, waxy concentrates, portable use, home use, the PAX 3 covers all the bases and does it with style.

Please note this listing is for the PAX 3 Basic Vaporizer Kit. This kit does not include the PAX Vaporizer Case, Concentrate Insert, Screens, Half-Pack Oven Lid or Multi-Tool.

PAX 3 Basic Kit Includes

  • 1 x PAX 3 Device
  • 1 x Flat Mouthpiece
  • 1 x Raised Mouthpiece
  • 1 x USB Charger
  • 1 x Standard Oven Lid
  • 1 x Maintenance Kit

PAX 3 Basic Kit Features/Specs

  • Temperature Settings: 4 Modes+ (Using App)
  • Battery: Up to 2.5 Hours (8-10 Sessions)
  • Charging: USB
  • Use: Flower + Concentrates
  • Capacity: 0.5g
  • PAX APP Compatibility: YES
  • Slim Pocket-Sized Portable Construction
  • Durable yet Lightweight Anodized Aluminum Body
  • Sleek & Refined Polished Aluminum Appearance
  • Upgraded 3500mAh Lithium-ion Battery for All Day Use
  • 100% Medical Grade Construction
  • Smart Phone App Controls/Customization
  • Unrivaled 15 Second Heat Up Time
  • User-friendly Haptic Feedback Notification System
  • Innovative Heating modes: Flavor, Efficiency, Stealth, & Boost
  • 4 Optimized Temperature Settings (360ï¾°F, 380ï¾°F, 400ï¾°F, 420ï¾°F)
  • 10 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

Additional Information:

This device is an aromatherapy or "dry blend/essential oil" vaporizer, and is intended for adult use with safe, natural, and legal "dry blends/essential oils" only. It does not simulate tobacco smoking and does not contain and is not designed for use with tobacco, nicotine, or e-liquid (including nicotine-free).

Always speak to your healthcare provider before vaporizing any substance.

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