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VripTech Vapor Bat Kit 

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The Vapor Bat comes from VripTech, the creators of one of the best vaporizers in the universe, the Heat Wand 3.0, and can easily be used right from your car. The small glass design is meant to be used with the cigarette lighter in your car, letting you vaporize easily on the run. Adjusting the temperature at which you vaporize is done by sliding the inner glass piece, where your material rests, closer or farther from the lighter. The closer you push the bowl end to the car lighter the thicker your vapor will be. It's that simple.

The kit includes a small zipper wallet size carrying case that holds the VripTech Vapor Bat, a metal poker, and even has a detachable inner zipper pouch to store whatever you'd like. With this kit in your glove box you'll be ready to vaporize any time, anywhere.


- VripTech Vapor Bat

- Zipper Wallet Carrying Case

- Metal Poker

- Inner Removable Zipper Pouch


The Vapor Bat is constructed of glass.


Under 1 lb


VripTech International

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