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R2 RiG Edition Vaporizer 

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The R2 RiG Edition Vaporizer is a slim pen vaporizer for concentrates that packs the massive power of a desktop nail vaporizer in a lightweight and travel-friendly pen shaped package.

This stealthy vape pen comes equipped with upgraded ceramic rod atomizers that now feature a dual coil structure with high grade titanium coils for maximum durability.  The ceramic rod elements slowly heat your waxy essential oils at a low heat in order to create the absolute most vapor possible with out a harsh inhale. The dual coil titanium structure will allow for use with larger quantities of material while also ensuring a life long span as titanium will not flake over time unlike most other inferior metals.

This device is powered by a long lasting lithium-ion battery that features a user-friendly one button operation, perfect for discreet use on the go. This variable output battery features three preset temperature levels that can be adjust by quickly pressing the power button three times, each time the temp level is changed it will be indicated by a change in the colored LED beneath the power button (500°F Blue, 550°F Green, 600°F Red). An innovative set it and forget it smart function remembers whatever the last temp setting you used and will automatically adjust to that level the next time the device is powered on.

Unlike many other similar vaporizers, the R2 Rig Edition also comes equipped with pass through charging capability. This feature allows you to continue vaping your favorite waxy essential oils while you recharge, invest in the R2 Rig vaporizer today and you will never have to wait to vape again.

This vaporizer also features a transparent heating chamber that gives you a clear view as to how much material you have left inside at all times, an adjustable airflow control rings grants you full control over your vapor output and an innovative mini food grade silicone jar is built directly into the base of the vaporizer to ensure you favorite waxy concentrates are always with you as long as you have your vape.


2 x Dual Ceramic Rod Atomizers
1 x Adjustable Airflow Ring
1 x USB Charger
1 x Steel Dab Tool
2 x Alcohol Wipes
1 x Silicone Ring
1 x Silicone Tray
1 x Instruction Manual

Additional Information:

Always speak to your healthcare provider before vaporizing any substance.

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