RAW XXL Dinner Tray
RAW XXL Dinner Tray
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RAW XXL Dinner Tray

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Massive durable metal rolling tray with foldable legs.
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RAW XXL Dinner Tray

The RAW XXL Dinner Tray is an absolute monster of a rolling tray, so much so that they actually had to call it a dinner tray because you can have a 3 course meal on this thing all at the same time.

RAW has a huge line of rolling trays, ranging from their mini at 7.25" x 5" to their large at 14" x 11" but they did not want to stop there. The RAW Dinner Tray comes in at a whopping 20" x 15" and is so large it has two metal legs that fold in under the tray that you can use to have the tray hover 8" over your lap while seated, on the ground, wherever.

It's massively bigger, but still constructed of the same strong and durable metal the other trays are. The edges of the tray are curved and raised 1.25" so if any of your material goes sliding around it will still stay on the tray, no worries.

It's no surprise with RAW's innovative nature that this all came about from a lost bet. The exact details of the bet are unknown, but owner Josh Kesselman lost the bet and allowed for his crew to put together this massive Dinner Tray rolling tray and man are we happy he lost.

The days of rolling on your text book, counter, end table, dinner plate, etc are over. RAW has a size for everyone, even for giants who want to use this one.

Dimensions: 20" x 15" x 1.25"

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