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RYOT 1905 4 Piece All Wood Grinder

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The RYOT 1905 4 Piece All Wood Blend Grinder is simply the one of the best and most stylish wooden grinders ever made, and the only 4 piece wooden grinder we've seen yet that is worth its salt. The 1905 series of grinders from RYOT produce a courser grind perfect for rolling and pipes. Features such as modern ergonomic designs, strong magnetic closures, aged and cured rosewood, and exceptional craftsmanship are what set the 1905’s apart.

  • 4pc design is 100% Acacia wood w/tapered drop through holes

  • Magnetic closures

  • Lucite pollen collection tray

  • Won't warp or lose teeth

  • 2.36" (L) x 2.36" (W) x 2.56" (H)

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