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RYOT 4 Piece Wood GR8TR Grinder

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The all new GR8TR RYOT 4 Piece Grinder takes the design of their original 4 Part Wood Grinder/Sifter and upgrades it with GR8TR technology.

It sports a wooden variant of their patented Micro-tooth that is engineered for a perfect grind every time. These teeth are housed within a deep dish that gives you plenty of room for those bigger jobs.

Each of it's four layers are joined together with two sets of strong and secure magnets that won't easily open when it isn't supposed to.

Beneath the RYOT GR8TR's micro teeth their is a 60 Mesh stainless steel screen for efficient pollen collecting. Just like any other GR8TR, this version is made to be modular. Remove the screen section at any point and make it a smaller 3 piece grinder.

Finally there is a deep polished dish where you pollen will collect. It has smooth and rounded edges that makes removal as easy as can be.

It also features a premium quality Acacia wood construction that is guaranteed to never warp. Invest in one today and enjoy a lifetime of smooth grinding.

Dimensions: ~3" Tall x 2.5" Wide


  • 1 x RYOT Wood GR8TR 4 Piece Grinder
  • 1 x Drawstring Carry Bag

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