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RYOT Acrylic Taster Box Dugout

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The RYOT Acrylic Taster Box Dugout is an extremely durable dugout system from one of the top names in the business that combines some unique and innovative features to create a taster box like no other.

Each and every RYOT brand Taster Box is engineered with their one of a kind pistol grip structure that was designed to ergonomically fit in the palm of your hand, creating a grip so well you'll never want to put it down.

The all acrylic construction offers a tough as nails exterior that will easily stand tall against the test of time, leaving you with a dugout that will look and function like new for plenty of time to come.

A strong magnetic closure helps to minimize any mess and waste that may occur during travel while also helping to prevent any strong odors inside from getting out during the wrong times.

Ever go to smoke from your Taster Bat and can't because it is just too clogged? With RYOT's Acrylic Taster Box that will never happen again as you will always have a convenient poker tool by your side and ready to help whenever needed. Simply remove the tool from the bottom of the box and once done guide it back into it's hole and the magnet inside will keep it in place.

RYOT's Acrylic Taster Box Dugout is produced in two different sizes (2" and 3") as well as several different eye-catching colors including a convenient clear/transparent version that gives gives you a full view of how much material you have stored inside at all times.

Please note the RYOT Acrylic Taster Box only includes the dugout and poker tool. Any Taster Bats must be purchased separately. RYOT engineers their taster boxes to fit virtually any standard size taster bat currently on the market.


- 1 x RYOT Acrylic Taster Box Dugout

- 1 x Poker Tool


Please note when selecting the Add Bat option above you are purchasing a genuine RYOT brand taster bat purchased directly from the manufacturer. If selecting the Add Matching Acrylic Bat option we will do our best to send a matching taster box/bat combo while supplies last.

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