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RYOT Piper Carbon Series Case

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The RYOT Piper Carbon Series SmellSafe Piper Case is the ultimate travel companion that will safely pack your most fragile items while keeping strong odors in and the elements out.

Inside RYOT's Piper Case you will find extensive memory style foam that is design to keep your delicate glass pipes or vaporizers safe and sound at all times, even after those hard to avoid falls.

You will also find two removable padded inserts that are equipped with RYOT's cutting-edge carbon fiber technology. These innovative inserts trap the strongest of odors in it's pores and neutralizes them before they ever have a chance to escape, perfect for discreet travel.

After some time the Carbon Technology will begin to lose it's effect. When you notice this is beginning to happen, simply toss it into a dryer for around 5 minutes and it will restore to a like-new status.

RYOT also incorporates their unique Stick Stop technology. This includes a food safe non-stick silicone pad on the inside of the case that provides a perfect preparation mat for preparing those messy materials with ease.

The Carbon Series Piper from RYOT also features a durable and weatherproof canvas fabric exterior with moisture sealed zipper that together create a true barrier between it's contents and the outside world. The moisture sealed zipper is also 100% lockable, combine with a padlock (not included) and keep your items safe at all times from prying eyes.

If you are one who is constantly on the move and need something to make your travel game safe and discreet, pick up RYOT's Carbon Series Piper Case you will be sorry you haven't thought to do so sooner!

Features & Specs:

  • Dimensions: 7.5” L x 3” W x 5” H
  • Extensive Memory Foam Style Padding
  • Weatherproof Canvas Exterior Lining
  • Lockable Moisture Sealed Zipper
  • Removable Carbon Fiber Lined Padding
  • Stick Stop Silicone Padding for Sticky Materials
  • Secure Strapped Closure
  • Innovative Lined Freshness Pouch


1 x RYOT Carbon Series SmellSafe Piper Case

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