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RYOT Slym Carbon Series Case

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RYOT Slym Carbon Series Case

The RYOT Carbon Series SmellSafe Slym Case is a portable hard-shell protective travel case that is perfect for carrying your delicate and fragile items with you on the go. (Now Available in Camo color option)

This carry case from RYOT is equipped with their unique Carbon Fiber technology that is designed to lock in even the strongest of smells. This innovative padding sports deep pores that will trap and neutralize odors, allowing you to travel with peace of mind knowing you are virtually smell-free.

Inside the hard-shell lid you will find RYOT's new X-strap design that is made up from several interlaced strong elastic straps. This will securely lock down your most fragile glass items, pen vaporizers or other items that may need some extra support during travel.

You will also find the innovative fresh pod container. Store your dry smoking blends inside this compartment while you're on the go to prevent them from drying out too quickly and ultimately keep them fresher for longer periods of time.

On the outside you will find the durable and weatherproof canvas fabric that combined with the moisture locking zipper creates a reliable barrier between your items and the outside elements. Walk about on a rainy day without having to worry whether or not your vaporizer stored inside is taking any water damage! If you are one who likes to remain on the cautionary side, pair the moisture sealed zipper with your own padlock to keep your items securely locked up at all times.

The RYOT Carbon Series Slym Case with SmellSafe Technology makes the ultimate travel companion for the smoker on the go. Pick one up and see for yourself that discreetly traveling with your favorite smoke pipes/vaporizers doesn't need to be such a hassle.

Features & Specs:
  • 100% Authentic RYOT Brand Guaranteed
  • Dimensions 6" (L) x 3" (W) x 1.25" (H)    Travel Friendly Case with Plenty of Storage Room
  • Hard-shell Exterior Effectively Protects Fragile Items
  • Weather Proof Canvas Fabric & Moisture Sealed Zipper
  • Zipper is Designed to be Lockable (Padlock not included
  • Long-lasting Carbon Fiber Odor Neutralizing Technology
  • Drop in Dryer for 5 Minutes to Reactivate Carbon Lining Effects
  • Innovative X-Strap Technology: Securely Store Those Fragile Items
  • Cutting-edge Fresh Pod Storage for Dry Material
  • Available in 4 Sleek Color Choices
Please note the Verb Vaporizers, cartridges and combo case lock pictured above are not included.

  • 1 x RYOT Carbon Series Slym Case with SmellSafe Technology

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