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RYOT Super Taster Box Aluminum Dugout

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The RYOT Super Taster Box Aluminum Dugout is a heavy duty dugout constructed from a hard-anodized aluminum that comes equipped with some innovative features that will surely set this model apart from the rest.

Engineered with a pistol grip design, RYOT's Super Taster Box ergonomically forms to the palm of your hand. Combine that with the weight of the aluminum construction and you have a top shelf device that feels as great as it looks.

Equipped with a strong magnetic lid, the Super Taster Box from RYOT will prevent any material from escaping during travel while also helping to ensure any strong odors remain inside at all times.

With the Super Taster Box from RYOT you will always have a handy little poker tool at your side at all time as long as you have your box with you. This tool is magnetically stored in the center of the duguout, always there and ready to go whenever you may need it.

If that's not enough for you, the RYOT Super Taster Box is one of the first of it's kind to come with an integrated bottle opener, truly maximizing the functionality of a taster box.

Please note item does not inlcude the Taster Cigarette Bat.


- 1 x RYOT Super Taster Box Aluminum Dugout

- 1 x Poker Tool


Please note when selecting the Add Bat option above you are purchasing a genuine RYOT brand taster bat purchased directly from the manufaturer. These aluminum bats feature a digger tip and are designed to fit all standard sized RYOT taster boxes.

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