3 Piece Medium Santa Cruz Shredder Grinder 53mm
3 Piece Medium Santa Cruz Shredder Grinder 53mm
Item ID: SA2KSEV37    Brand: Santa Cruz Shredder

3 Piece Medium Santa Cruz Shredder Grinder 53mm

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The Santa Cruz Shredder 3 piece medium is made from a tough anodized aluminum that comes in many different color options. The strong anodized aluminum build will prevent smudging, chipping, galling and many other problems that come with a raw aluminum construction.

The three piece series has removed the 4th screen piece, making it quicker and easier to get to your material. The 3 part Santa Cruz Shredders also have a slightly larger blend chamber compared to their 4 piece grinders, allowing you to grind more material each time it is used.

The Santa Cruz Shredder tooth design is completely unique and is intended to provide a fluffier blend with no pellets. Specially cut and placed holes in the grinder's second layer allow blends to collect in the storage chamber below before over-grinding them.

A rounded bottom in the second compartment features rounded corners to contour to your finger. This allows for fast, easy, and efficient "finger scooping" when collecting your material.

The 3 part Santa Cruz Shredder grinder is made in California, USA with quality materials and well thought design that makes their blend grinders stand out in a sea of common grinders.

The medium Santa Cruz 3 piece grinder is about 53mm ( or 2.1") wide, so it's not too big or too small, but just right.

Type: Anodized Aluminum

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