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Saxophone Pipe

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The Saxophone Pipe is a slim and discreet novelty smoking pipe that was designed to resemble a miniature saxophone, perfect for the musically inclined.

Although considered a novelty item, the Saxophone Pipe is a fully functional smoking pipe that features an extremely deep bowl section, allowing you to use large amounts of material during each session.

The bottom curved section on the Saxophone is held in place by a single tiny screw. Once removed you have full access to where most of the tar and residue build up will occur, this gives you the opportunity to clear your air path regularly to maintain optimal airflow.

Each Saxophone Pipe comes stocked with a pre-installed stainless steel screen as well as a pack of 4 replacement screens to keep your new pipe functioning with a like new status for plenty of time to come.

The Saxophone Novely Pipe measures in at around 5" tall by just under an inch wide at it's widest point, leaving you with a pocket-friendly device that is perfect for discreet sessions on the go.


- 1 x Saxophone Pipe

- 4 x Replacement Screen Filters

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